Karl Lauterbach

Chief Executive Officer


University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa, Cruz, CA
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, 1987

Professional Experience 

Along with is extensive experience in PC and Mac hardware design, installation, and support. Karl brings expertise in numerous business and professional software applications including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. He has been associated with Lauterbach and Associates, Architects since 1997. His network experience includes design, set-up, and administration, along with inter- and intranet design/configuration. In addition to his many computer-related duties, Karl has been involved in database design, HTML web design, software training, and internet communications. Upon graduation, Karl worked for several companies such as DIaL Services, an architecture, engineering and construction company and LJC Development Company. He opened his own consulting firm in 1989 served over 140 clients in areas including architecture, banking, law, education, nonprofit and financial services. Past and current clients include such diverse companies as Channel Islands National Bank, Oxnard Economic Development Corporation, Oxnard Elementary School District, Mainstreet Architects, Law Offices of Rupp & Zimmer, and Ketterling Tax Services.

Contact Information


805-988-0912 ext. 319