George Lauterbach

Founder / Owner


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science
Architectural Engineering,1968

Professional Experience

Mr. Lauterbach has been involved in the architectural, engineering, development, and construction industry since 1968. As one of the founders and the president of D.I.a.L. Services, an architectural, engineering, and construction firm in Ventura County (1970-1990), he oversaw both daily operations and long range planning. In 1990, when several partners decided to retire, D.I.a.L became Lauterbach & Associates, Architects, with Mr. Lauterbach as CEO. His management role expanded even more.
Mr. Lauterbach has also been consistently active in the community over the years, both in professional and business oriented activities and service groups. These activities, along with his many years of professional experience, have given him a wealth of knowledge in his field. He has handled nearly every kind of project, managed various negotiations, and worked with all the governmental agencies.
He has now chosen the role of "client advocate" as the best use for his accumulated experience and skills. Mr. Lauterbach is a firm believer in the statement that L&A is a "client centered practice."
"Excellence in all phases has always been my goal," he says. "But I think real success can be summed up when you can say 'Our clients have become our friends, and our friends have become our clients'--and at the end of the day, everyone goes away feeling like a winner."