Blackstock Junior High School, Port Hueneme, California

The modernization of the Hueneme School District's junior high, Blackstock, began in 2000. Lauterbach & Associates, Architects were contracted to provide the architectural services for this endeavor. A complete architectural program was created. However, due to budgetary considerations, much of the project had to be postponed.

It was restarted at the end of 2004, with some revisions to the project and a re-evaluation of the architectural program. This extensive project included the modernization of 28 classrooms, administrative offices, teachers' lounge and courtyard area, kitchen, music room, art classroom, science laboratory, computer classroom, and restrooms. The level of modernization varied from general improvements in walls and flooring, replacing of windows and doors, new cabinets and electrical wiring, to complete gutting and redesign of the entire interior of a room. The focus always was to create an environment that functions to enhance the educational process. To achieve this, spaces were designed to meet the goals of the architectural program—from the orientation of classrooms, lighting, colors, materials (durable, easily cleaned, and attractive), accessibility issues.

Essential to the success of the project was the successful integration of technology into the design. Computers, AV equipment, science labs—all were designed both for ease of use currently and for ease of upgrading in the future.

The challenge of a sewer system that turned out to be far more deteriorated than originally thought created some delay. However, given the circumstances, the goal of a well programmed project brought in within budget and the least disruption possible of the life of the school was achieved.