Palos Verdes Residence

This residence was built on a steep site, with geotechnical restrictions, under the watchful scrutiny of a very active home owners association architectural board review that had strict rules for the appearance of the exterior, down to how many divisions the window glazing should have. The owner purchased the site for its spectacular view and the life style of the area. She expressed her desires in very strong terms. This led to a very detailed Architectural Program. Based on that we designed what ended up being the place our client felt happy and safe.

The view is visible as soon as you enter the house and stays with you in all bedrooms and day rooms, kitchen, main bathrooms, library and office. It benefited even some of more obscure spaces. The pool area was placed in the view also and its deck is designed to obscure a less desirable neighbor, the city's maintenance property located down hill. The hilly site was exploited to determine the interior spaces by stepping down the floors and achieving both the use of the natural contours and adding interest to the interior spaces. The stair was used for a central point of interest making the entrance a visually exciting place.