Camarillo Ferro/Hyman Residence

Mrs. Ferro hired us to design her home on the hill in Las Posas Estates. She was leaving the beach life in the first home we designed for her for the view from the hill and the comfort of a one story home.

She worked with us closely on the architectural program. She and her husband wanted to have the privacy of their space exposed to others only at their will and that had to be expressed in the design. They also wanted a spectacular entry setting the tone of their location at the first step into the house. This was achieved by making the entry an axel for the house letting the eye take in the view from a circular window and giving the entry a barrel shaped ceiling expressed out through the roof shape. The right turn took them into the rooms readily accessible to visitors, while a left turn took them to the private areas. The outside deck connected the two sides into a vast space where the family could entertain a large number of guests. The style is Spanish as requested by the owners. When Mr. and Mrs. Hyman purchased the home they also loved the layout and only added a gym and a guest house near the pool. We helped them integrate the changes.