Avila Beach Residence, California

This residence was built on a large site with the construction area restricted to a small pad. The design provides privacy for the couple but retains closeness with their childrens' spaces, a lot of light for all the spaces, exposure to the mountain view, comfort for their activities mostly in the kitchen area and a special use of their bedroom to include day activities as well.

The house displays a ribbon of light in the center of it that descends over the kitchen making the central corridor into a friendly gallery that connects all the spaces and offers room for art. The kitchen is designed to have all the comforts coupled with interesting ceilings and glass block integrated with the cabinets for interesting light patterns inside during the day and outside at night. The roof is visible from the road and the skylight ribbon over the slightly sloped tiled roofing makes the visual impression of a terrace rather than roof. Curved elements shading windows and curved wall transitions add to the uniqueness of the exterior design. The special ceiling design, use of quality materials, attention to details for bases and crown molding, fire places design add to the uniqueness of the interior design.